you + me + a giveaway!

My friend Rachel at elephantine is giving away two handmade necklaces she designed and made herself. They are her take on the best friends necklaces girls used to wear in elementary school. To find out more details and how to enter please visit her site here. Enjoy!

Nature & yoga baby shower invites

Here is a sneak peak of the baby shower invitations I am designing for Kristy Walker of Studio Verite Photography. The keywords she gave me that best describes her vision is yoga, buddha baby, recycled materials, om symbol, pattern and natural gender neutral colors. 1. Focuses on the Buddha baby & mehndi (which is a skin decoration in South Asia that is applied for special occasions) 2. Plays with two lotus flowers that resemble mother and child and is round to represent pregnancy and the circle of life 3. Is the outline of a baby bump with playful type that gives info about the shower. Purchase this invite here.

One Love Photo

I went to the Seattle Wedding Show this past weekend and fell in love with beeswax collage art produced by Heather & Jon at One Love Photo. They print photos onto tissue paper and adhere it to a piece of wood, then pour a mixture of beeswax and resin on top. It creates such a unique and interesting way to preserve and display wedding photos. I can’t wait for them to create some for me =) Also, if you are looking for a wedding photographer I would highly recommend them! They are not only incredibly talented at what they do, but they are creative as well. They shoot all types of ways (digital, medium format film, homemade lenses or even with a couple of toy plastic cameras) to create a soft & dreamy vintage look and feel. Check out all of their work on their website here.

Nature & yoga style board

Gayle O’Donnell from All About Weddings & Celebrations presented at the Association of Bridal Consultants meeting last night and talked about free style boards on I decided to give it a try and put one together for one of my clients. I am designing baby shower invitations for my wedding photographer Kristy Walker of Studio Verite Photography and couldn’t be more thrilled! The keywords she gave me that best describes her vision is yoga, buddha baby, recycled materials, om symbol, pattern and natural colors (focusing on green because they don’t know the sex of the baby). Below is the style board I pulled together (click here to view it on

Luke & Amanda’s wedding invitations

Luke & Amanda’s bird themed wedding invitaitons are now complete. I printed them Sunday and we are all really happy with how they turned out. Amanda will be gluing a gem over the diamond ring  for a little extra surprise and bling. I am excited to hear how all of the guests like them! Programs to come… Purchase this invite here.

I love pattern!

I had to snap a few shots at Anthropology this past weekend because I fell in love with all of their patterned plates & bowls. Too bad my husband & I have new dishes, otherwise I would have purchased at least one set 😉

First newsletter!

Happy twenty ten! Just wanted to let you all know we’ve sent out our very first newsletter and there are many new & exciting things in it. In case you missed out, you can view it here. Enjoy!