Nature & yoga baby shower invites

Here is a sneak peak of the baby shower invitations I am designing for Kristy Walker of Studio Verite Photography. The keywords she gave me that best describes her vision is yoga, buddha baby, recycled materials, om symbol, pattern and natural gender neutral colors. 1. Focuses on the Buddha baby & mehndi (which is a skin decoration in South Asia that is applied for special occasions) 2. Plays with two lotus flowers that resemble mother and child and is round to represent pregnancy and the circle of life 3. Is the outline of a baby bump with playful type that gives info about the shower. Purchase this invite here.

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  1. these look great! I’m sure she’s going to love them too.

  2. These are lovely Kathy! I particularly love the little baby illustration in the top one 😉 So cute!

  3. Love #3~ I’m sending this to my girlfriends for my shower 🙂

  4. Great articles. I hope somedays can make a blog or website like that. Your site give me a lot of ideas and inspirations to create a great baby shower invitations.

  5. Jennifer

     /  March 4, 2012

    Hi, I see that this entry is from 2010, but I am wondering if #2 design is currently available for purchase – I absolutely love it and I have seen nothing like it anywhere else!

    Please let me know – thank you!

    • Hi there! Unfortunately that design is not currently in my Etsy shop, but you can browse all the other designs here: There will be more templates very soon 😉


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